Friday, January 23, 2015

How Focus Changes

Note: this blog entry was begun in mid-November,2014 and sums up how it was for me to write and think about focus during such a challenging year.

I've come to realize during this year of “focusing on focus” that some part of my idea about how focus works involves me being in control of the universe. I planned to carve out the time for writing and expected that I could control not only the time, but the energy, the inspiration, and the events in my life to do this. But sometimes, we don’t have the kind of latitude for choice that can sustain the big level of focus that we have chosen for ourselves.

2014 has been full of challenges. There have been many physical challenges for me and for members of my family; we have all spent a great deal of our time dealing with them. Add to that a job and the daily demands of life and there is not a lot of time leftover to proceed with a large scale focus outside those issues.

When faced with this level of challenge, it is hard to remain energized for anything but the actions of basic survival—in this case, phone calls to support or consult with family members, medical appointments, our own follow-up to medical appointments, jobs, and the basics of daily life. My focus changed in response to all of this and became primarily a focus on physical well-being as well as giving and receiving moral and physical support.

I believe that maintaining the original focus is still important however; I might even say it is vital. We may have to let go of the larger plans we had in mind but it will help our spirits, on every level, if we can find very small actions to move our creative projects forward. We will be connecting with our own essential being when we do this, continuing to bring our gifts into the world for others to enjoy and find support in.  We will be able to keep a thread of continuity going through our lives so that when we have fewer challenges and more time and energy for the focus, it will be alive and well and ready to go.