Monday, March 3, 2014

Resisting Focus

My avowed focus is to write and record my own music. And yet that is the very area of focus that I have been avoiding for quite a while. I have a song I am working on. It is actually well on its way to being done; it needs more vocal work, perhaps a reworking of a keyboard track, and mixing, but this is all quite do-able.

If I can’t hold to a particular focus I have set myself, perhaps I need to examine it more closely. What is it that holds me back? What steps can I take to break through the resistance?

Carpal tunnel problems have kept me from playing the guitar for over a year. They also keep me from working for very long at a time on the computer, which is where I use my recording programs. I am trying to find a way to balance my need to do the creative work with my body’s need to be away from work on the computer.

People everywhere have issues like these and worse. People everywhere find themselves unable to do things the way they used to. So how do we maintain focus on something that is important to us in the face of these challenges?

I think one very important thing to do is to break the creative process down into tiny steps, put on our blinders and then take the first step. That step will lead to the next one, and then the next…If I keep my steps small enough, can I both keep momentum going on a project and reduce the challenge to my body?

I am going to set up my microphone right now. That is a small and very easy forward step.

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