Friday, March 28, 2014

Clearing Again

My life has been filled with difficulties and challenges of late. It’s been hard to find the energy, either inner or outer, to write. I often wake up in the morning feeling dark and weighed down. Today I made the decision to do something that often helps me—clearing up external things as a symbol for clearing up the overwhelming inner state. I have for years called this “clearing energy” or, simply “clearing”.  I find that it can have a profound effect on my inner world. It gives me a way to focus when focus is really difficult.

So today I am going to empty the refrigerator and clean it out. Food is such a strong symbol of nurturing that it seems like a great place to start. The refrigerator needs cleaning out, I can think about healthy meals and snacks we might enjoy while I am doing it, and I can add a little soothing and healing music to the process. I just might come out of it feeling lighter and a bit more joyous.

If I can’t find that light and joyous feeling, I will still know that I have cleared energy in my life. I know it will be helpful to the overall picture. When energy is cleared, space is made. When space is made, the heart and mind relax. When the heart and mind relax, it is possible to recognize inspirations which will aid further clearing. It is not a panacea for all ills but, rather, a movement in inner and outer places which feel stuck.

Feeling stuck is akin to feeling hopeless. When we can’t sense anywhere to make movement forward in our lives, especially during hard times, our inward selves feel achy and grey. Clearing energy, making space in what seems to be an artificial way, is actually very symbolic. It is an active way to make one’s intent clear. The space made during that process invites movement. The space for movement allows some new thing to enter in, some weight to lift, some new inspiration to arise.

Here’s the wonderful thing; this works even if we can’t feel the effects right away. And, it works if what we do is very small; the symbolism is the same. As we clear, we state our intent to move. That is all that the universal energy flowing around us needs in order to start to flow freely within our own lives again. We simply need to do the work, then watch, wait, and respond to whatever inspiration the newly created space offers to us. It too may be small; but step after step, we open the way to a greater sense of spacious peace in our lives.

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