Friday, February 7, 2014


Following inner guidance is not an easy task. Inner guidance is elusive. It is very difficult to sort out where the small self ends and the true inner guidance begins.

I came to a turning point this week with my recording. The recording part of the song could be called done. I could move on to the mixing process. This recording has been so long in the works that it seems like I should be finished with it by now.  However, there are a couple of things in two different tracks that bother me.  The only way to change that is to record the tracks again. Am I being hypercritical? Should I leave well enough alone?

The small self is often very dysfunctional. It lives in a whole universe of its own and can sometimes push its agenda remorselessly. It is hard work to get beyond it, to see what is truly needed, to be able to hear the still small voice within and to act on its counsel.

The truth of the matter, in this instance, is that those two tracks do not satisfy me. Whether or not they ever bother anyone else, I need to change them. I realize now that the feeling of being bothered, in and of itself, is the true inner guidance.


Peepers said...

Hi Lorna

Your posts are very interesting - keep them up. The word I use for a type of focus - I guess it would be otter focus - is "mindfulness". I find that if I am mindful about anything I am more successful. I use it to put me to sleep every night. I focus on the feelings within my body, quiet my thoughts , and become aware of slipping into the state of sleep.


peepers said...

The time shown on my response is 4 hrs. earlier that our time - I guess you are in the Pacific time zone whereas I am in the Atlantic time zone.

Lorna said...

Thanks, Brenda! For some reason, mindfulness has been a slippery term for me. I've never been quite able to come to a deep inner definition for it. You give me a lovely bridge to its meaning with your thoughts on it.

I know that mindfulness is something that helps people stay in the present moment, something that I seek to experience more in my life.

many blessings to you, Lorna
p.s. yes, I'm in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and in the Pacific time zone.