Monday, February 24, 2014

Head to Head with Expectations

I think of things I want to do with my day and have a lot of energy to do them. That energy can sometimes be derailed if something sends me sideways, away from what I expected. I lose my focus. When that happens, what derails me is not that something new comes up. What actually derails me is that I become upset about it. It’s a matter of attitude. I have expectations about what should happen. When things change, my reaction closes off the flow of energy that is alive in me.

This morning I awoke with energy to Get Things Done. I planned a day balanced between physical activity and creative pursuits that involved the computer. However, we discovered that the step-counters we ordered a couple of days ago were already on our doorstep. Suddenly my day took a detour as we took the time to set up our step-counters and synced them with our computers.

When the unexpected comes we have to be nimble to flow with it. Life by its very nature is not compliant with schedules or lists. We must accept that part of the creative process is to work with the unexpected. We do our work here on earth, in the midst of life, and this process of living is full of interruptions, sideways movements, dropped balls and unexpected events. Our focus needs to be at the center of our being to move with this.

The question is, what exactly was essential in the things I thought to do today? The answer is that I needed to move. I needed to move physically and that focus on physical movement gave great energy to my whole day and all of my activities. I also needed to move with events and the unexpected, to adjust to them. All of this movement allowed me to accomplish a lot during the day, but it played out differently than I thought it would.

Over the course of this day, I have realized that the fullness of movement in our lives gives to us everything we need to learn, grow and create. Out of sideways movement and the unexpected can come new perspective and clarity. Creativity and life are large, spacious, full to the brim with material for us to work with. Confining them to our expectations robs us of their gifts and keeps us from our deepest expression. Listening to the wisdom at the center of our being can guide us to the best use of these gifts of life and creativity, but only if we let go of expectations and actually listen, watching for the rich material that is made available to us. 

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