Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Expectations have a way of circumventing focus. The magic of the creative process is that it can lead into discovery and wonder. We start with a vision and an idea of how to bring that vision into reality, but the route we take to get to it may end up being very different than we expected. That is the nature of vision and creation. The vision itself shows us the endpoint. The pathway to that endpoint must be accomplished step by step, and we can only take those steps one at a time. As we focus on each of these steps, unexpected pathways can open up before us.

Expectation may keep us from seeing these alternative pathways.

I begin a piece of writing with an idea and a direction to take it in. As I continue in the direction I have set I sometimes find myself at an impasse. I may get stuck at this impasse if my expectations make me unwilling to look around a little. A door opens before me, a pathway to new understanding, and I am looking in the other direction, toward my expectation. In this situation, I have only one accepted way to move and that way ignores all others.

I know the fear is that we will wander far and wide, down one pathway, up another, and never get to the final result. But it may be that we have something to learn in the process, something that brings added depth to the final result. Following a different pathway may lead to a richer creation, both within the deeper self and in the outward result.

It is challenging to let go of expectations, to open ourselves to unknown possibilities. Before we can even see alternate pathways we have to realize that they are there. We have to look. We have to release our wish for control. If we can do that much, then we can make new choices, guided by our inner sense of what is best. I believe that just realizing that there are alternate possibilities, just taking time to consider them, opens doors within us.

I think that focusing while releasing expectations allows us to explore both outward processes and our own inward depths. What will we find? That is the delight; we won’t know until we try it out.

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