Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Following Joy

I believe that it is really important to pay attention to what is joyous in our hearts and to act from that joy whenever possible.  Our joy points to the work we most need to do and to the unique gifts we bring into the world. I believe that those gifts are vital to the health and balance in each of us and to the world we live in.

My best days are those in which I am able to listen to and hear the joy within me and act from it. The action that each impulse of joy leads to is sometimes very small but always absolutely right for me in that moment. It is what I most need to do and to give. 

I came into my studio yesterday morning intending to write for my blog and instead found myself editing a track in the recording I am creating. It was a clearly heard whisper of joy as I sat down in front of the computer. Instead of arguing with it, I dove into the work, enjoyed myself tremendously, and finished another bit of editing for the recording.

Following the small impulses of joy that come to us may not lead to any end result that we have in mind. Instead, as we work from the core of our being, knowing the rightness of that, surrendering to it, we can find that the process we are engaged in is deeply satisfying.

When I follow the joy in me (and it may be the tiniest impulse of joy leading to a very small action) I am working on what I am most passionate about, immersed in process and at peace. All questions and struggle within me are stilled as I act from the center of my being. When I work from this joy and peace, I am able to hear the still small voice within me which leads me into the next whisper of joy, the next message of the heart. It only requires that I trust, rather than dismiss, the joy that guides me. 

The listening and the trust are not always instantly available to us. They are cultivated by practice and experimentation. What does that joy feel like? How can one catch such a tiny and fleeting impulse?  How safe is it to follow something so quick and tiny?  How safe is it to do something I so wish to do?

In seeking the center of our being, we have to test things out and develop a feel for how they work. Experimenting with this in small bits, a little at a time, starting with what feels safe and then venturing further and further into unknown waters, we can prove to ourselves that this works and is a richly rewarding way to live.

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