Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Focus on Focus

Each of us is a whole cosmos unto ourselves, able to observe the way things work within ourselves and within our lives, learning about the larger world by doing so.  Our lives can be a very rich workshop for us if we let them.  We learn and create; we observe and learn.  The center of our being can inform all that we do in our life if we stay with it, listening and observing.

This year I want to explore the art of focus and my relationship to it. I notice how often I become scattered.  Instead of this scattering, I’d like to find my way to what is essential to me.  I want to explore what focused experiences are like.  Do they feel serene, calm, centered, joyful, energetic?

To be focused is to be firmly anchored in the present moment, attention on one thing and one thing only, to be immersed in whatever that one thing is, sometimes so deeply immersed that there is no awareness of anything else.

The work in this is to hold our attention to that one thing, to keep it immovably set on the point of focus.  This may be easier if the subject is something we really enjoy and are interested in; it can be more challenging to hold focus on something less enticing.

To hold my focus on focus this year, to explore it in my own life and being, to write this blog consistently throughout this exploration, that is the challenge I set for myself this year.

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