Monday, April 15, 2013

Darkness and Light

I've been going through a dark time this winter, literally.  We've had even less sunshine in the last two or three years here in the Pacific Northwest than usual.  This winter, the cumulative effect of the last three years has really hit me.  I've been irritable, depressed and anxious, symptoms which all miraculously disappear as soon as the sun comes out.  It’s been a real struggle to keep a balance within myself and with others throughout this time.  

Despite this challenge, I've been working in my studio on an inspiration that came to me earlier this winter:  to remix an older recording.  It is something I hope to do over time with all of my earlier recordings.  The process of remixing this song has been absorbing, taking me out of the winter doldrums, immersing me in technical and artistic discovery. 

In the midst of this work, as the song revolved around and around in my head, I realized that God was actually singing it to me.  This realization was a moment of real joy and laughter, a lovely and loving moment of light.

Today it is gloriously sunny.  I am heading out into the garden, with joy in my heart, to reaffirm the balance of nature (of which I am a part).  I leave you with my newly remixed song: