Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doing it Now

My husband and I have been contemplating an exciting new direction for our future.  I sat down to do some writing about this the other day and asked myself the question:  “What is the best strategy for my activities now, given the new direction we are considering”?

The answer that arose in me was this: 

“Whatever you most want to do in the future, do it now.”

For me, that is simply to write.  Writing is a way for me to follow my own inner threads of soul exploration.  Writing helps me to stand back a little, to see what I have learned in a larger context.   Writing stretches my inward seeking, both by calling upon me to find what is quintessential in an experience, and to reach deeper into it.  Sharing my writing with others demands clarity and openness.  For me, writing is richly rewarding, essential to my growth and learning.  This is true whether I write journal entries, songs or chants. 

Writing comes out of life experience and the effort to live life with love for others, with integrity, acting out of the inner guidance of the Divine.  As I listen within my own being, I search for the meaning in my experiences and seek to understand how to best apply what I learn.  When I write during this process, the effort to understand is supported by the effort to communicate outward.  As I search for words, I am searching for deeper meaning, in both words and experience.  Being as clear as I can be with words helps to settle understanding within me and gives me a support on which to build the next little bit of learning.

I’ve become more and more committed to sharing what I learn to the best of my ability, not because I am unique in expressing deeper understanding, but, in fact, because I am not.  I have been helped so very many times, countless times, by others who write their own understandings.  I have recognized, in their writing, epiphanies that have been my own, am reminded of them and shown another’s perspective on them.  I have been given glimmerings of future epiphanies, recognizing a truth that I have not yet fully claimed in a momentary shiver of “ah ha!” 

I return to writers that “speak” to me over and over again, supported by kinship with their own humanity, the inner experiences that I share with them, and the hopeful promise of finding my way to a little more illumination. 

I am so aware of how much we all need each other that I simply want to share my small part of the big picture.  "Whatever you most want to do in the future, do it now" … and, so, I write. 

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