Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Unique Paths to God

Since 1983, I have been a student of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.  His wisdom and guidance have been with me all the years since, showing me how, more and more, to live in communion with God.  I count myself lucky to be so blessed.

My sense of connection with the Divine started when I was very young.  It wasn’t until I began learning from Paramahansa Yogananda that I realized that this sense of connection was a yearning for the Divine.  My two most recent chants, Hollow Reed and Chant to Divine Mother, come from my soul’s deepest expression of that yearning.

I think we each have our own unique pathway to the realization of the Divine within us.  Even those who belong to the exact same religion or philosophy will practice those disciplines in unique ways.  I believe that each path to God bestows the tools and the framework for finding the way home to the Divine and that we must each choose the discipline that best fits us.  However we find our way, we know we are there every time we feel peace towards ourselves and towards each other, each time we feel a moment of warmth and generosity to those around us.  We are lucky to be so blessed.