Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

Physical challenge can come into our lives at any time.  It can involve struggle, suffering, frustration, and even grief.  But these challenges can sometimes also confer blessings when we are open to them.

A time of physical challenge can be a time to take a look at what is important in our lives and what is not.  It can be a great time for letting go—of activities and things that no longer enrich our lives. Old patterns pop out in clear relief against the backdrop of illness and limitation and can be examined and, sometimes, changed or released.  This can be a wonderful time to reaffirm what is precious, what works well, what is supportive to our lives, and to think about what we might like to add in the way of enrichment to nurture those lives.

One physical challenge I am working with can illustrate this point.  I know that my body works best if I give it lots of physical activity (housework, gardening, walks) rather than sitting at the computer editing recordings, or playing a new song over and over again to sink it deeply into my mind and kinetic memory.

The computer and guitar work challenges my arms and wrists, leaving me with the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Ignored, the symptoms simply gets more and more painful and make the recovery time longer.  To recover, I need to stay away from doing very much work on what draws me the most, music and sharing the music, and  I need to honor my body’s need to move A Lot.

And I need to trust.  I need to trust the Divine impulse in my heart to guide my actions and life.  The more I do this, the more at ease I am.  The miracle is that when I allow this way of being to take hold, when I nurture it and invite it in to my life, the work that I want to accomplish, that seems divinely given to me to accomplish, flows easily and naturally.

Even if my body can do very little computer or guitar work, even if most of my time is spent cleaning the house, or working in the garden, or taking a walk, or doing yoga, it is possible to take small breaks for making music and working on the computer.  I have found, in the last couple of weeks, that these short breaks are often very fruitful.  When I trust the direction of my heart, my work is very focused, and what I need to do in order to give what I see as my particular offerings to the world can be done nearly effortlessly. 

For me, this is the essence of what it is to allow the Divine to work through me. This kind of “limitation” teaches me what I most want to know, how to work with the Divine, for the Divine, and in the Divine embrace.  And, truly, that is a blessing.

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