Friday, October 19, 2012

By Your Grace

Each time we help another, we give them a tool for realizing their own unique gifts.  It doesn’t matter how many steps away from that realization the person is.  Everything happens by small steps, whether we realize it or not.  We are part of each other’s journey, step by step.

I came across this video several weeks ago.  On it, Cathy Ginter brings together beautiful souls from across the world and across the boundaries of religion.  Krishna Das' sublime chant, By Your Grace, is beautifully rendered in the background.  One of the ways we share with one another, support one another, is by sharing what we bring into the world.  This video has held me in Divine embrace for weeks now, every time I see it.  The music stays with me, holding me in that Divine connection.  I am blessed by this creation, and the gifts that Cathy, Krishna Das, and all those chanting with him, bring and hope you will be, too.

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