Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living our beliefs and the Gifts We Bring

If I try to act in accordance with another’s wishes and beliefs rather than my own, then I am trying to live that other person’s life, which leaves no one attending to mine. Where we share beliefs, and that happens often in life, then I will be living out of my own life when I act on our shared belief. But, where our beliefs are different, I must follow my own, live out of my own life, or the world has lost something. No matter how small or insignificant my life may seem, what I have to give through it is unique and, in the end, touches all life in some way.

Others must live the beliefs that have grown out of their own living. They are attending to their business when they do this. What they have to give in this life is important; only they can give it. We need their perspective, even when we don’t agree with it.

I recently heard the idea that without friction we cannot grow. We need challenge in our life to change and grow. Challenge pushes us to move beyond our comfort zone. Meeting challenges in our lives allows us to grow more deeply into the fullness of the beings we truly are.

The gifts we have to bring to our beautiful Earth are born as we respond to our challenges. Our entire Earth community is blessed as these unique gifts spread out in ever widening circles from the unique individual beings that we are (my song, Gifts We Bring, speaks of the process of finding our way into this expression of our gifts).

The truth is that we must live our own lives because no one else can. If we do not attend to our own lives, then the gifts that could come from us and those lives will remain ungiven; people will not have the support and the benefit of them. Everything I have learned in this life tells me that we are all needed and all have our own unique and worthy offering to make.


Anonymous said...

Nice points but I can i ask where you learned of this?

Anonymous said...

This is a very carefully managed blog. It makes me want to sign up for the RSS feed :)