Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hollow Reed

A hollowed reed, played by wind and breeze, has long been an image for me of God working in me, moving through me and out into the world. The reed, being hollow, has nothing of itself to catch or hold that movement, nothing that begs to control it. It makes, instead, a channel, and from that movement of breeze through it, a kind of music emerges, music shaped by the reed and individual to it. No other reed can create the exact same music, and the music can only be complete when God’s voice moves through the reed unhindered.

This has been the deepest prayer of my heart for years and years and years. This is the direction of my inner life, how my soul centers in God. This new song speaks to this movement in me, in each of us.

Let me be a hollow reed, through which you blow, oh God….

Hollow Reed
Lorna Carolyn Aites, 2011

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