Friday, March 11, 2011


Being open may be the only way to receive inner guidance. Often, this openness comes from change, the result of major difficulty, an internal crash, or loss. These events strip defenses and leave us wide open to illumination and transformation.

But, what if we could learn to let go of the defenses we set up? What if we could learn to respond, consciously, with increased openness, to the more minor forms of change in our lives? Could change, transformation and illumination come more gently, more kindly?

Change taken in smaller doses, deliberately, doesn’t activate our flight and fight response. Practicing change could allow us to become more at ease with it. Slowly, our boundaries can be pushed outward, a little at a time, enlarging the capacity to move with change and uncertainty.

To start, we can choose a change we completely enjoy (later, we might test the waters of more difficult challenges). I love to rearrange house and garden spaces; I find it gives me new perspective, allowing me to clear energy in my environment and do some deeper cleaning. It’s a lovely way to make way for new projects and new insight. I am refreshed and renewed by the process, inspired for the work to come.

I want to do this year’s spring cleaning early; I’m ready for the change in energy and perspective now. We have a small house; I plan, during the coming week, to take time for one room each day and to spend only one hour doing everything I can do for the room. Then I will let go of it.

That’s a bit of a challenge in itself. Limiting projects really demands creativity and thought. I must think about what is most important, what calls to me the most. I wonder if, to push my own letting-go boundaries, I might also be able to let go of one “thing” in each room that is not useful or beautiful or (in our house) potential creative material (an old shirt may have usefulness and become part of a creative project simply because it has beautiful buttons, for instance; there’s a harvest there that I may want to take advantage of before I turn old cloth to rags or quilt scraps).

And what does any of this have to do with openness? Letting go allows for openness. Every tendency we have to hold on tightly, to any thing or person in our lives, stands in the way of openness and creates a barrier to movement, inner awareness, guidance or epiphany. Wherever we let go, we make space for everything to shift, for new understanding to come, for our lives to move into new growth and greater purpose.

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Edwardo said...

There are some fine insights and observations in this post - and I think you're right that clearing away leads to space for new creativity.