Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clearing Energy

I am still dealing with a variety of physical issues, the aftermath of back surgery this last autumn and the healing process since then. There are moments when I feel discouraged, when poor sleep and physical discomfort weigh on me. Yesterday morning I woke up in this frame of mind and body. After doing exercises to ease my body into the day, I sat in meditation. During that meditation, I came to see that what I could focus on for the day was clearing energy, looking for and undoing the clogged up areas in my life, in every way possible.

Attitude is everything. Once I had changed my focus from discomfort and discouragement to the positive things I could do, I was off and running. I made a list of everything I could think of that would clear energy in my life, from untangling the mess of coats, scarves and umbrellas just inside the front door, to finishing a sewing project, to tidying up the kitchen. It’s not as important which particular area is cleared, untangled or set right, as it is to do the clearing process itself. When I can open up a clear flow of energy in one area of my life, that movement makes space which affects everything else. It’s as though I have several objects in front of me and remove one of them, leaving more room to move the remaining objects around. The energy freed can touch all levels of life, from physical to mental to emotional to spiritual.

My day, which started with discouragement, ended in a satisfaction. It was not so much the quantity of things I accomplished as it was the sense of movement and new possibility. As I continue to clear more of my outer world, I may find a new spaciousness within my inner world.

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Edwardo said...

Hey, I really agree about how the process of moving through clearing can really set up kind of a momentum - that then echoes in other areas and also in your own outlook.